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We always look to buy lights that are attractive inthe firstplace rather than buying something that we need. That's the obsession withpatterns and designs. We are one of the newly started lighting service providers,whohavea vastcollection of lights to meet every person's desireand to fill every persontaste buds. Unique lights are always aneye catcher, and they are the mainframepoint of a home or any space.But, we often neglect the kind of light we buy. It'sso common with people to think that lights are all common and general. We are different and you will find and sense themin our everysingle piece.We use the finest materialsto create the lights that are no way less in design and also meet the standard expectationsof a common man.We have eco-friendly lamps that are completely made from substances that can be easily decomposed. We also have started recently the 'recycled hub' for using waste plastic products to be converted into useful pieces. Our efforts are bearing the fruits nowand you may see in our testimonials and our raiseddemand for those products.We hope to give back to our nature in one form or the other, hence this themewas created and we are happy that people are responding well. Bed lamps, hanging units, sober lights and focus lights are all created using the plastic products. Such lights are the trendy ones now. Getting them ataffordable rates isour concern and ourunit is striving to make ithappen. We want to use those in the most utilising way and ensure that it is never thrown back intothe environment. Thus, this ideaof creating lights was explored.We also have plans forcreating chandeliersand pendants out of them, though the process in under work, we are sure of its success.

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