Getting the Right Bedside Lamp


We all are very much obsessed withhaving theright bedside lamp.bedlamps are used to highlight the specific area, bed around, and to also give minimal light, not to disturb your sleepy eyes.This is used for reading purposes and for TV watching. But, sometimes few of the bedside lamps end up becoming more harsh, due totheirprints and colours. And a few become too over for the consideration of the bedside lamp idea, due to their grandiosity. So, how do you choose the right bedside lamp, given themplenty of choices to be spoiled for! Here is a guide to choose the best and right bedside lamp.

Consider the width:

The size of the bedside lamp matters, while many people ignore it and end up buying the wrong size. Sometimes the lamp becomes too small for the room, or even for the stand, while others become too big to use.Your lamp should be chosen based on the size of your bed. If your mattress is big, like a king size, thenyou must buy a big lampand a broader one. If your bed is small and single, then go for a sleek night lamp and stand too, that serves the purpose aptly .

The heightof the lamp and stand:

The height is very important when it comes to bed lampbecause many people read using the same light and the height matters to the level of strain ontheeye.Buying a lampthat is taller than you arenot goingto help you, or the one extreme loweris also not good. buy a lamp that is 2-4 inches taller than the tableor stands. This level is found to be good for reading and also this puts less strain on the eyes.


Style of the bed lamp:

The style should always matchwith your interior design and style, or go contrary to it. like choose a contemporary designif your home is modern in style, it may also go well. If your home is totally traditional, thenyou may have to choose nothing but traditional lamps, that reflects the best nature and environment. If you are looking for plain and simple one, without much complication, thengo for plain glass ones or the brass ones with some designs over it, for an added touch. But, remember it'sonly a bed lamp,it should be sober and mild in decoration, not to distract the mind fromthe sleepiness.Well, you can find plenty of styles and varieties in bed lamps at it houses a large variety of collectablesand decorative pieces apart from basic ones. Pay a visit, we are sure it will be worthwhile!

The numberof lamps:

The number of lamps also dependson the size of the room and the bed together. If your room or space is spacious, then you have to 2 bedside lamps, to fill in enough light, though the bed is single.Else if the room is too congested, withadoublecot, thenyou may settle with one light. The main theme and idea for a bedlamp areto just serve the purpose, not to get away from it. so, follow that principle.

Nature of purpose:

In case your bedlamp is thesingle source of light, then you will need a brighter bulb, and to make it fit, you will need a bigger lamp. So choose the lamps based on the actual purpose. Buy large lamps, in case itsthe only source. If you are not comfortable with it, you can try with floor lamps.

The positionof the lamp:

Never buy a lamp, without checking and confirmingits place and position. For example, if you want to buy a tall nightstandlamp, and have placeonly at the corner of the attic, thenyou just cannot do it. so, choose the lamp based on its place and position, check out the height and also the look of the place and thendecide.In case this bedside lamp is just for a decorative purpose, thenyou can anytime rely on accentlightingor decorative piece which just adds charm and elegance to the place, rather than thinking too much about its use.

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